Court-Support provides low cost support in Family Law Matters

We deliver our services exclusively through the not-for-profit Interact Supportinteract support sq

Court-Support Practitioners can help with …

  • Guidance Sessions to understand your options when you have a family law problem
  • Reaching an agreement through Family Dispute Resolution
  • Non-lawyer negotiation
  • Lodging Parenting and/or Financial Consent Orders after successful negotiations
  • Going to court for Parenting Orders if reaching agreement hasn’t been possible
  • Going to court for Property Orders if reaching agreement hasn’t been possible
  • Supporting you in a family court case
  • Responding to a lawyers letter
  • Responding to an application your ex-partner has put into the family court
  • Completing divorce papers

Do you need help and can’t get legal aid or afford a full service lawyer?

Our services help self-represented litigants and with non-legal services under the guidance of an experienced family lawyer.

Call us to find out how we can help on 03 9039 533 or fill out the form on the Interact Support website www.interact.supportĀ